Unagi Nakamura (Grilled Sea Eel) – Bangkok

Unagi1Contributed by: Emi Kagawa, Bangkok

Unagi Nakamura
1/12 Soi Sukhumvit 39, Sukhumvit Road
Klonton-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
Tel. 081 807 3059, 089 929 7194

The sea eel’s elver (baby eels) are transferred from Taiwan and transplanted to waters around Japan where they are allowed to grow to the optimum size. These are the eels used at Unagi Nakamura, they are not from China, which are more commonly found at many restaurants in Bangkok.

Unagi Nakamura, Bangkok (phot credit: restaureantdiningcritiques.com)

These are the best quality eels available in Bangkok, even though you might be able to find better quality in Japan, they will be far more expensive.

Unagi Nakamura, Bangkok (photo credit: restaurantdiningcritiques.com)

Here at Restaurant Dining Critiques.com, we do not trust eels coming from China, nor for that matter, any food products that originate or are shipped from China including: nori (seaweed), mushrooms apples, peaches (basically, we have doubts about all food products being shipped from China and avoid buying or eating them).

Unagi3 (photo credit: restaurantdiningcritiques.com)

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