The Goose, Britwell Salome – U.K.

The Goose, U.K.

(The Goose at Britwell Salome is Temporarily Closed and Chef Ryan Simpson and some of the former staff are looking for a “New Opportunity”).
Members of the staff are in a dispute with the owner regarding the direction of future operations for the one-time pub.  The Goose had lost its one-Michelin star after Matthew Tomkinson left for the Montagu Arms in Beaulieu in the New Forest, The Goose had just recently regained its Michelin star back, due to the hard work of Chef Ryan Simpson and his team. Now Ryan and some of his staff in both the back and front-of-the-house have decided to quit after hearing that the present owner wanted to turn the fine dining restaurant back into a pub.


One Response to “The Goose, Britwell Salome – U.K.”

  1. Britwell Salome resident says:

    Despite how mixed up and mislead the papers are about The Goose, I’m thoroughly pleased to have our local pub back which provides Michelin quality food (have you will) and with beer on the pumps with welcoming friendly Australian front of house staff.

    Before, with chefs Mr Tompkinson and Mr Simpson, you could not even have a drink at the Goose without being forced to eat at the ridiculously expensive price for (mind you) lovely food or meet with friends.

    Whatever issues there have been , I’m very happy to see Britwell Salome have it’s pub back with versatile and affordable food AND bitter on the pumps.

    Thank you Mr Castle for listening to the locals of Britwell Salome.

    Britwell Salome Resident