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French Chateau Wine Makers: War on Bogus Bottles – France

Friday, April 1st, 2011

Mouton_1982.jpgNew technology has supplied methods to deter criminals from selling fake wine bottles, especially through auctions and the internet. The following security measures are now, or will be in place soon, at many of the wineries that produce Grand Cru and expensive bottles of wine; this will help to stop or at least deter criminals from trying to pass off bogus bottles as genuine:

(1) a trace mineral hidden in capsule covering the cork that can be read by a testing device
(2) stamps & reference number laser etched into the glass bottles
(3) bubble tags in plastic film to seal bottle, to show that the bottle has never been opened before.
(4) testing age of old bottles by measuring radioactivity, especially with bottles predating atomic testing, without even opening them.