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The Beverly Hills Hotel Turns 100 Years Old! – Los Angeles

Monday, May 14th, 2012

The venerable Beverly Hills Hotel AKA: “The BH Hotel” has turned One Hundred Years Old. The incidents that went on inside the hotel walls, and especially in the bungalows, and most definitely within the lush gardens, will remain an obscured secret. Although, it is fairly common knowledge that Marilyn Monroe filmed “Let’s Make Love” in a couple of the bungalows on the grounds and Howard Hughes retained a permanent bungalow at the hotel until his death.

In honor of celebrating one hundred years of existence, the hotel is offering a few memorable cocktails, however, the price is $100 each plus tax & tip. For a few very, fortunate guests their tabs will be converted to 1912 prices; raise your glasses to that!

For more information: Please visit this link to read an article on the Beverly Hill Hotel Polo Lounge written in 2010.