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Suzanne Pirret, Heston Blumenthal – London

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

pleasure-is-all-mine-suzanne-pirretSuzanne Pirret is an American now living in London, and the bio in her cookbook states that she is a graduate of the American Repertory Theater Institute at Harvard, an “award-winning voice-over artist”, and “a graduate of the Cordon Bleu, beginning in Paris and and ending in London.” She has also claimed to have worked for Jamie Oliver as a pastry chef at his restaurant Fifteen in London. Last but certainly not least, she is currently dating Heston Blumenthal (Fat Duck & Dinner) who reportedly, even though troubles had been brewing for awhile, has left his wife for her. Pirret wrote the following words for the London Evening Standard’s ES Magazine: “Images of food and sex have become one long billboard of licking, sucking, dripping and drooling. Food porn is ubiquitous… Food and sex. Two of my favourite things,  and the most powerful of all human drives. Best one after the other in either order, I’m not picky.”

She is also a cookbook author — see her 2009 The Pleasure Is All Mine: Selfish Food for Modern Life that includes advice on dinner guests, how to get a reservation, and modern etiquette. The back cover has a quote from Bobby Flay: “I couldn’t put this book down!  Everyone will be begging to be a guest or even a dishwasher in Suzanne Pirret’s kitchen after reading and cooking from The Pleasure Is All Mine. She’s infectious!” (Is this the only recommendation she could find to put on her back cover? Oh well, I suppose it’s fitting.) This is comparable to an expensive pictorial magazine selling its back cover space to Timex instead of Piaget. However, it must be taken into consideration that it is a “bargain book” and can be found at Amazon selling for $10.

Following is what appears to be a promotional video for her book, released on YouTube. Although, it mentions “as seen on” The Huffington Post?

Video Link – The Pleasure Is All Mine – Suzanne Pirret:

The Pleasure Is All Mine