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Sumalai Thai Traditional Massage – Bangkok

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

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Sumalai Massage
159/14 Sukhumvit 55 Thonglor 7-9
Opposite Thonglor 8 Wattana BKK
Opening Hours: 9.00 – 24.00
Tel. +66 (0)2392 1663

Royal Thai Massage or Ayurveda Massage

Royal Thai Massage or Ayurveda Massage is unique and focus mainly on treatment. Emphasis on courtesy and ability to secure an outcome to Organs and tissue that is deep by increasing blood circulation and activity of nerve.

The massage is used in the palace. Thus, styles must be polite and usually by fingers and palms only pressing massage on the body (friction massage) not only for weight control and a weight in the direction of the force properly discharged, still with the soft focus.

Sumalai is one of the best Thai traditional massage available in Bangkok. The massage therapists I consider to be excellent to good in this order are: Na, Gee, Ja, Jan, Sei, and Mai.

Traditional Classic Thai Massage     60 min 200 Bht.     90 min 300 Bht.     120 min 400 Bht.

Foot Reflexology Massage     60 min 250 Bht.     90 min 400 Bht.     120 min 500 Bht.

Head-Neck-Shoulders Massage     60 min 200 Bht.     90 min 300 Bht.     120 min 400 Bht.
Foot Massage & Head, Neck, Shoulder, Back     250 Bht.     350 Bht.     450 Bht.

Aroma Touch Therapy     60 min 600 Bht.     90 min 900 Bht.     120 min 1200 Bht.

Thai Heritage Herbal Compress     60 min 500 Bht.
Body Scrub     60 min 500 Bht.

Facial Massage     60 min 500 Bht.