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Champagne Spraying Is Over At Voile Rouge, Closed By Authorities – St Tropez

Wednesday, November 16th, 2011
image credit: people image 2007, Dita von Teese

French Champagne

Champagne has been the preferred libation to be served at celebratory or festive events such as; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, grand openings or other special gatherings. The cork of a champagne bottle should always be removed as silently as possible, even though some people seem to enjoy the popping sound.

“Spraying On One’s Self” as pictured above, is a more civilized form of spraying, or in this particular case actually pouring, rather than the recent disturbing emergence of spraying as conceived at Voile Rouge & Nikki Beach or sinking (as in pouring down a sink) that developed due to a very responsible ban on spraying in Sweden. It is a nonsensical waste of a very special wine that took great care and time to make, and showing off how many bottles you can squander as a sign of utmost stupidity, oh sorry, I meant to say wealth, is beyond idiotic.

The Voile Rouge has Closed: Gendarmes have already started dismantling the club in St Tropez

UPDATED: The main thrust of this post was to be about spraying Champagne, coincidentally I got word that a turn of events today November 17, 2011 changed all that, as a bigger story developed and marked the closing and demolition by authorities of the venerable Voile Rouge. This has been a massive shock to St. Tropez and the entire world.  For the past 45 years, this select stretch of sand on Pampelonne beach has been awash with beautiful people, actors and billionaires looking for summer excesses. It was opened in 1966 by Paul Tomaselli and now it is over, at least for Voile Rouge. The party will just have to move elsewhere down the beach.

VIDEO: Spraying Champagne at Voile Rouge St. Tropez
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