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Hyosetsu No Mon – Sapporo

Tuesday, April 15th, 2008

Hyosetsu No Mon - SapporoWe were shown to a spacious tatami room that looked out onto a small Japanese style garden, where within due course, we ordered barbecued king crab and shabu-shabu style queen crab (immersed into hot broth at the table). I personally found that shabu-shabu distracted the palate from the sweet and subtle natural taste of the crab itself, whereas the barbecued version although drier, was purer and less salty.

Japanese CuisineFollowing the main event of crabs, a pudding called chawanmuchi arrived and the finale was crab okayu (rice bowl with crab). All of these dishes were accompanied first by some cold Sapporo beer and then followed by a few versions of local sake. More Photos