Sun Moulin and Pâtisserie Chez Récamier – Bangkok

Sun Moulin and Pâtisserie Chez Récamier by Sun Moulin are both located in Isetan Department Store on the 5th floor in Central World, Bangkok (branches also operate in Singapore and Kuala Lampur. Sun Moulin has been producing what most probably are the best examples of the French baguette and fiscelle available in Bangkok. The fiscelle is a much narrower version of the cylindrical baguette-shape, which in France is commonly served along with coffee and eaten for breakfast. They have a complete range of European and Asian bakery favorites, and it must be mentioned that to suit the Thai taste, they are sweeter than you might find in other countries however, much less sweet than the typical Thai bakery. Thailand adds sugar in great quantity to every product possible in order to sell it, and diabetes is almost at epidemic proportions in this country.
Sun Moulin have recently opened Pâtisserie Chez Récamier across the main aisle from their original store where they are presenting a Chou Cream Puff filled with a mixture of crème pâtissière and whipping cream, 30 baht, which is really excellent, and a better choice than the chou cream varieties at 35 & 45 baht (pictured on top shelf, far left and other versions on middle shelf in the case below). Note: There was a well-known restaurant in Paris located on Rue Récamier called Le Récamier and now call La Cigale Récamier. In Tokyo one of the former chefs opened his own restaurant and called it Le Récamier.

They also bake a fairly good interpretation of cibatta au levain, with or without olives that resembles the authentic version although, in my opinion, it is lacking the amount and size of requisite holes created by aerating of the dough of the pain au levain (see comparison photos Sun Moulin on top below).

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