Piccola Roma Palace – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Dining Room Piccola Roma Palace144 Charoenprathet Road, Chiang Mai 50100
Tel. 0-5382-0297-8
No Website
Valet Parking
Credit Cards: All Major

Chef Angelo Faro opened his restaurant in 1991. He has an large extended menu as do most of the other Italian restaurants in town.Piccola Roma Palace
He has the most expensive Italian restaurant in Chiang Mai and considering the overall experience, it might merit the high prices or maybe, it is just the story of the big fish in the small pond. The wine list pricing starts at 1500 baht for red Italian wines and from this medium price escalates quickly to expensive and very expensive wines. The service is attentive and a lot of attention is paid to minute details. The chef spent a good deal of time making sure that my briefcase was in the right position when he arranged it on the small pedestal table, and then proceeded to straighten and align the cutlery and napkin before he would allow me to be seated. Piccola Roma PalaceIn fact you can see that he is a man who will put up with no nonsense. He was constantly reprimanding his dog who insisted on entering the dining room and he kept shooing him back. Chef Angelo Faro obviously likes salt, and there was plenty of it in the dishes I tasted. When he finally was seated to have his dinner on the table closest to the kitchen, the first thing he did was reach for the salt shaker.

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