Kushi-Tei of Tokyo, Serving Kushiage, and Yakatori – Bangkok

Contributed by: Emi Kagawa

1st Floor Penny’s Balcony (Across the road from J-Avenue)
Thong Lo Soi 16
Tel. +66 (0) 2392 3518
Opening Hours: 6:00am-11:00pm
Credit Cards: All Major
Prices: Inexpensive

On the drinks side they have it covered with Asahi Beer on draught, a good selection of Shochu and Sake with one Shochu by the glass (made from sugar-cane) and one Sake “Jun” by the glass both are quite good and priced properly at 150 THB.

The original of this Yakatori (grilled skewered chicken) Kushikatsu, or Kushiage (deep fried skewered meat) restaurant was located in Tokyo and for some odd reason the owner,  Yasuo Tsukatani abruptly closed it, and moved the operation to the Netherlands. The Thai chef in Bangkok enrolled in a training course and learned how to cook all the dishes exactly to the original recipes by the owner, and earned a degree that is visibly posed near the front door. The training came off well as the cooking is really good. The chicken with shiso leaves is one of the exemplary examples, as well as the chicken meatballs. They make a good salad with and without seaweed although they are a bit too generous with the dressing, I found an improvement in the salad when I ordered the dressing on the side although, this could just be my personal taste.

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