K Village, Restaurants & Shops, Sukhumvit Soi 26 – Bangkok


The development company is called Kananan Co., hence the name K-Village, which falsely leads people to believe it may have something to do with Koreans, while in fact, it is owned by the Athakravi family.  Although, as long-time developers of large scale buildings, they are entering the mall business using a concept widely proliferated in the U.S., mainly in the western states, where malls have plenty of space to spread out into wide-open barren lands. These first malls are typically two-story buildings surrounded by seemingly endless car parks. While this development is on a much smaller scale, it basically follows the same model as the first shopping center of this concept built in the world, Eastland, it was constructed in the 1950’s in West Covina, outside of Los Angeles. K-Village adjoins the French Supermarket Chain Carrefour on Sukhumvit Soi 26 & Rama IV of which the Athakravi’s also own the land it is built on. In the interest of diversification, behind the main complex that centers around the Gourmet Market and the K-Village Square is the Nihonmachi (Japanese Village). It is smaller than K-Village but duplicates the same format as does another complex, possibly unrelated, across the street where Torajiro Restaurant is located on the second floor. Below are a collection of some of the more interesting restaurants and shops in K-Village, they will be expanded as new restaurants/shops open. The destruction of Central World in the recent protestations, may steer more traffic to these fledgling malls; only time will tell.



Curry House Coco

Gourmet MarketThe Gourmet Market is the only anchor at K-Village Mall

Gourmet Market2

Le Francais

Shabu Sen





Hangari GalbiHangari Galbi


Ringer Hut

KUU Sake Bar

Wine ConnectionWine Connection Wine Shop, Deli & Bistro . . . more information here

Yum Tum

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