Josh Ozersky: Article for Time, A Wakeup Call for “Old Guard” Restaurant Critics – USA

Josh Ozersky, (image credit: Culintro, A.K.A. Culinary Trade Organization)Josh Ozersky is at fighting weight and prepared to continue to elevate his uric acid level as a gladiator in defense of hamburgers and certain other comfort foods. He is at the other end of the food spectrum from Raymond Sokolov, the recently dismissed WSJ restaurant critic, and this, I suppose is a compelling enough reason for Time Magazine to let him explain to mainstream diners, the demise of the “old guard” restaurant critics, or maybe he was added for counter-balance; in either case, it does seem to be a curious choice. If you have not read it, the link follows:  In Praise of the Endangered Restaurant Critic

Mr. Ozersky was the editor of Citysearch‘s  late blog, The Feedbag, and formerly an editor of Grub Street for New York Magazine. Author of The Hamburger: A History (2008) and Meet Me In Manhattan: A Carnivore’s Guide to New York City (2003). A winner of the James Beard Award for food writing, as well as currently writing for Rachael Ray. He is certainly a gifted writer, and I have followed and enjoyed his rants as much as anyone else.

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