Food Critic, S. Irene Virbila Refused Service at B.H. Eatery

small logo RDC( Culinary Tidbits . . . managing partner, Noah Ellis,  of Red Medicine Restaurant, a new Vietnamese restaurant in Beverly Hills, California took a snapshot of Los Angeles Times food critic, S. Irene Virbila and refused her party service, he then told them to leave. Ellis kept them waiting for 45 minutes before taking this decision, and as an added insult, he posted her photo on their Tumblr website (now removed, but not before the blogosphere got a hold of it) and said, “Our purpose for posting this is so that all restaurants can have a picture of her and make a decision as to whether or not they would like to serve her. We find that some of her reviews can be unnecessarily cruel and irrational…”

This website (blog) Restaurant Dining Critiques takes a dim view of this action, therefore, we have chosen not to post the snapshot of the Los Angeles Times critic.

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