Club 55, “Cinquante Cinq” – St Tropez, France

Plage de Pampelonne
Boulevard Patch
Tél.+33 (0)4 94 55 55 55
Fax.+33 (0)4 94 79 85 00

Club “Cinquante Cinq” is a lunchtime beach destination accessed by a narrow road, clogged bumper to bumper by high-ticket automobiles. The beach club is also one of the toughest tables to book for lunch in high season, which makes you wonder if it is all worth it—arriving by private yacht is far easier and certainly a more pleasant experience, but the booking problem remains the same. The beach club is divided between a main restaurant; while a white canopy-shaded beach bar is adjacent.
An overgrown bamboo forest is the backdrop to a Provençal beach bungalow with white canopies and lavish beach club jetting all the way down to the water’s edge where a wooden pier extends out a short distance. Huge yachts are anchored offshore and the occupants slowly arrive by launch.
It is interesting that Club 55 was once a ramshackle beach hut, where the Colmont family lived. By an accident of good fortune, they wound up catering for the cast and crew of the film starring Bridget BardotAnd God Created Woman” in 1956, and over the last three decades or so, became a sometimes destination for the more well-behaved and less boisterous element of the St Tropez crowd.

They have fresh wild salad and a menu that offers more interesting items, which is best accompanied by bottles of Provence rosé or rouge wine, at least this is what I experienced whenever dining there with a French friend of mine who never ordered from the menu. He usually finished the lunch by ordering a large pitcher of green apple sorbet with an entire bottle of Calvados mixed into it.

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2 Responses to “Club 55, “Cinquante Cinq” – St Tropez, France”

  1. spyros billias says:

    55 is a very good place . . . we’ll be there again this summer as always

  2. Emma-louise Hughes says:

    Have had fantastic lunch here the beach is beautiful. the menu is nothing amazing but the food is just what you fancy. The staff are second to none. Have never travelled here by car so cannot comment on the drive way but arriving by yatch is special.