California Foie Gras Ban July 2012 – California

In July of 2012, California will ban the sale and production of foie gras. The selling of the velvety delicacy after July 2012 could result in a $1,000 fine. California should think twice before implementing this law. Remember how Chicago lifted the two-year ban on foie gras which, Mayor Richard Daly had said was the “silliest ordinance” the city council had ever passed and made Chicago “the laughingstock of the nation”.

Where will this stop? Restaurant owners worry that lobster, veal, and even eggs might not be too far behind on the “to be banned” list.


Fighting for Foie Gras at Animal

California Foie Gras Ban


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  1. FOIE GRAS is the best plate for the french people.
    Foie Gras means history of gastronomy since Jules Cesar.
    foie gras is the best thing we have for Chrsitmas Diner, like English have a turkey our a special pudding !
    A french man.