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This ongoing commentary is written by Kit Marshal, a connoisseur with a long history of writing food and wine related pieces for magazines in Asia and the United States, and who also published a newsletter nationally distributed in the U.S. along with Bruce David Colen, at that time the restaurant critic for Los Angeles Magazine.
In this weblog he will comment about chosen favorite dining spots and will touch on available wines that are considered fair value for money.
“I am not going to waste my time or the valuable time of the readers to include establishments that appear in every guidebook and restaurant review on the internet, unless they have some redeeming value that distinguishes them from others in their category,” he says.
We will cover restaurants, bars, and even street carts either as news pieces or reviews and a pricing scale from inexpensive to very expensive may be on the header if it is a review, rarely will individual dish prices be noted, to somewhat prevent information from becoming quickly outdated. The blog will also try to keep the posts succinct and in most cases each post will not exceed 200 words.
The major concentration will mainly focus on gastronomic observations from Asia and more specifically: Thailand, Japan, China and Singapore. There will also be posts coming in on similar topics from France, Italy, U.K., and other countries including the United States. The direction of the blog must evolve and as time goes on, the focus may tighten or broaden depending on stats and/or reader’s reactions. Comments either negative or positive will be appreciated.
I hope that you will find these interesting and unusual establishments that I have compiled, an enjoyable experience either to read about or to actually visit.


Owner: Au Petit Café, Hollywood, California
Born and educated in Los Angeles he attended Berkeley Hall School, University High School and finished his education at Menlo College. After spending several years living in France and Italy, he returned home to conceive an authentic French bistro that was sorely lacking at the time in Los Angeles.

The restaurant was called Au Petit Café and for almost twenty years it was one of Los Angeles’ most popular restaurants catering to a mainly show business clientèle. At the time, Au Petit Cafe was the largest consumer of white vermouth in America due to a drink called the “Vermouth Cassis”. It was the first of the small, chic, French bistros. Unfortunately, the restaurant lost its lease and had to close.
Owner: Bouchon Wine Bar, Brentwood, California
Mr. Marshal was again a pioneer in his field, when he opened the first wine bar to serve over one hundred wines by the glass! The Cruover Wine System made this otherwise difficult proposition possible.
CEO: Cruvinet Corporation, Santa Monica, California
Mr. Marshal imported the first wine preserving machine into the U.S. in 1978 to use in his wine bar and gained the rights to manufacturer the French invention in the U.S. Subsequently, he formed a joint venture manufacturing company to produce the Cruvinet Wine Preserving Machine that Newsweek Magazine said “Oenophiles everywhere are raising their glasses to Cruvinet Incorporated. The Santa Monica, California Company has begun marketing a machine that permits wine drinkers with a taste for luxury to afford the luxury of a taste.”
Thousands of units were sold in the U.S. and abroad. During his tenure at Cruvinet he was a consultant to many famous restaurants and hotels designing their wine and wine-by-the-glass programs.
Publisher Good Life Newsletter
During this time, he published and was the wine critic, for a nationally distributed travel and dining newsletter, along with Bruce David Colen, at that time the food critic for Los Angeles Magazine.

Director, Officer and Stockholder Langan’s Brasserie, Century City, California
Kit Marshal met restaurateur and roustabout, Peter Langan, who owned Langan’s Brasserie, London’s West End celebrity hangout, along with actor Michael Caine and chef Richard Shepherd. He soon formed a partnership with Mr. Langan and eventually opened Langan’s Brasserie in Los Angeles. Mr. Marshal was a director of the company until Mr. Langan’s tragic death in a fire.
Writer: Quest Magazine, Pacific Publishing, Singapore
Chief Staff Writer: Wine & Dine Magazine, Los Angeles, California
While traveling extensively over the years, he has spent extended periods for gastronomic research in Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa, the Middle East, Australia & the South Pacific.
He was an adviser for Hotels and Restaurant Development to the Governor of the Tourist Authority of Thailand, in conjunction with the Prime Minister’s Gold Card Program 2003-2006.

Kit Marshal now lives in Bangkok, Thailand with his family. He is listed in Who’s Who in the West and Who’s Who in the World.

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