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The Writers Room Bar, Hollywood – Los Angeles

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
image credit: The Writers Room

The Writers Room Bar
Located in the alleyway/parking lot in the rear of Musso & Frank Restaurant, 6685 Hollywood Blvd.
Tel. 323-491-4148
Opening Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 9pm-2am

The Writers Room bar and lounge was at one time frequented by various well-known writers who threw them back in what was at that time the “back room” of Musso & Frank, today they are in no way affiliated with M&F. This small bar has no cover, but it could be difficult to enter if they don’t know you or do not like the cut of your jib, as it is subject to guest lists and private events.  Dress to impress and name dropping might help! The bar has been put together by Nur Khan, who owns a few similar venues in NYC, along with involvement from actors Jason Segel and Jack Huston (John’s grandson) providing assistance with PR. It also boasts an antique 1920s Parisian-style elevator turned into a curtained-off, private booth.


Oak Bar, Plaza Hotel, NYC

21 Club, New York City

Wine Bar 494, Bangkok, Thailand

Crocodile Kingdom – Singapore

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Crocodile Kingdom

Old Airport Road
Block 51 Market & Food Centre #01-134,
51 Old Airport Road, Singapore 390051
Tel. 8510 1288

The chef at the former Crocodile Valley has taken over and renamed the operation Crocodile Kingdom. Crocodile is a delicious meat on its own and it is very difficult to ruin it, trust me, as I have eaten it in many places in the world. At Crocodile Kingdom they believe that some of their preparations bring about health benefits, try the Crocodile Bak Kut Teh. Please find below a list of their culinary offerings:

•    Herbal Crocodile Tail
•    Stewed Crocodile Tail
•    Crocodile Palm
•    Herbal Crocodile Fin
•    Stewed Crocodile Fin
•    Crocodile Skin
•    Superior Crocodile Tonic
•    Crocodile Liver
•    Herbal Crocodile Soup
•    Spring Onion Ginger Crocodile Meat
•    Chinese Red Wine Sauce Crocodile
•    Spicy Diced Crocodile Meat
•    Tom Yum Crocodile Soup
•    Curry Crocodile Meat
•    Crocodile Bak Kut Teh
•    Black Pepper Crocodile Meat
•    Honey Crocodile Ribs
•    Sambal Kang Kong Crocodile Meat
•    Bitter Ground Crocodile Meat
•    Century Egg Crocodile Porridge
•    Crocodile Ribs Noodles
•    Curry Crocodile Meat Noodles
•    Crocodile Meat Bee Hoon
•    Salted Egg Crocodile Porridge


Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset Will Close in December 2011 – Los Angeles

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

The Hamlet located on the western edge of the Sunset Strip

Another old landmark restaurant, Hamburger Hamlet on Sunset Boulevard has bitten the dust, and it will close at the end of December due to a lease hike (owners have raised the rent to attract a new genre of restaurant).
IDG (Innovative Dining Group) are taking over, although it is unknown what kind of venue they might open, they currently operate Sushi Roku, BOA and Delphine.

Cafe Milano, Georgetown Frequented By Saudi Ambassador Was Proposed Setting For Bombing – Washington D. C.

Saturday, October 15th, 2011

When the foiled Iranian terror plot, which apparently was in the works to explode a bomb to kill Saudi Ambassador to the United States Adel al-Jubeir, while he was dining at a restaurant he frequented in Washington D.C., there was much interest generated as to to which restaurant that might be. After a little sniffing around, a good candidate was the chic, Georgetown restaurant Cafe Milano. More about this story here, here, here and here.



Starbucks Getting Into The Pressed Juice Business? – Seattle

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Ibn Battuta Mall, Dubai

While denied by a Starbucks spokesperson, the rumor in the industry points to their extreme interest in the fresh juice business, maybe even as high as 50/50 coffee & juice? Aside from what they are saying, the fact is, a manager from New York’s juice bar Liquiteria has been flown to Seattle, evidently hired to train their staff in the fine art of pressing juices.

A Link You Might Enjoy: Starbucks To Juice It Up

Something Old Has a New Twist: Acidulated Cocktails Anyone?

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Tavern Tipples . . . Acidulated cocktails are all the rage now and it is most likely to do with bartenders trying to create something new and different. Although, vinegar based drinks have been around since the 18th century when the season for berries and fruits was so brief that vinegar was used to help preserve them. The resulting liquid was then used in many different ways to concoct delicious drinks.

Think of it it this way, vinegar is just another acid that can be used in mixing a drink rather than the “same old” ubiquitous lemon or lime.

Britain’s Prince Harry Does Some Bar-Hopping in San Diego – Los Angeles

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

Tavern Tipples. . . Prince Harry visited several San Diego nightspots, which included McP’s Irish Bar and Grill in Coronado, owned by a former Navy SEAL.
He also visited the rooftop restaurant/bar of the Andaz hotel in San Diego’s Gaslamp District.
McP’s is a block from the Hotel del Coronado where local legend holds that Edward, Prince of Wales, met Wallis Simpson, who was then married to a Navy officer, during an official visit in 1920. Their romance caused Edward to renounce the crown in 1936 for “the woman I love.”

Japanese Should Take Advantage And Eat the Bounty of Wild Game Killed as Pests – Japan

Monday, October 10th, 2011

OPENharvest:  An Art project in Oakland, CA by OPENrestaurant (see

An amazingly large number, more than 450,000 wild deer and boar are killed as pests each 
year in Japan for the damage they cause to rice field and other crops. But even harder to believe, is that only 10%
 of this wild game is eaten. With the performance of Nippon Gibier, chefs from
 OPEN Harvest and chef Fujiki will spit roast several whole wild boar over charcoal. A demonstration of the butchering of a whole deer will be accompanied by a video of 
the deconstruction of a whole maguro (tuna) drawing a comparison between two wild foods. They also hope to play a video of the hunt and capture of the very same wild deer and boar on a large screen.

French Schools Ban Ketchup – France

Monday, October 10th, 2011

The French government has stated that as of this week, ketchup will be banned from school cafeterias to promote healthy eating and to teach a respect for French culinary tradition.
We have to be able to limit children serving those type of sauces to themselves to mask the flavor of whatever they are eating. Children must become familiar with French recipes so that they may hand them down to the next generation. They must realize that in France food has a meaning beyond just “filling up the tank”, it represents sharing a good time and conviviality, at the table.

Once a week ketchup will be allowed to be served, as an accompaniment to an order of French fries, but only once a week mind you, and that goes for the French fries as well!

Editor’s note: I read this post to my daughter, who is an eight-year-old now, and she mainly took offense to it, as she is a staunch ketchup supporter along with most of her classmates. To take the edge off of it, I promised that we would make a homemade ketchup this weekend to compare the difference, and she thought that would be great fun.

NEW Seafood Season: The Oyster Bar & The Seafood Bar – Bangkok

Sunday, October 9th, 2011

It’s the beginning of a new seafood season and they have some NEW oysters to roll out for you!
Fish hooks from Hama Hama! A brand new farm! First time in Thailand.
Shigoku – they’re back!
Olympia’s – not much bigger but still the most awesome tasting oyster.
Iwagaki’s – the HUGE oysters from Japan! No radiation in these monsters.
Kushi’s are back and delicious as ever.
Their usual fine assortment of Eld Inlet, Barron Point, Eagle Rock, Effingham and larger selection than ever before!
The only restaurant here in Bangkok importing seafood twice weekly the arrival days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Sundays still all you can eat from the a la carte menu including oysters and seafood platters.
ALSO, order a platter for four and get a free bottle of PB Valley Chenin Blanc! Chosen specifically for enjoyment with our Fruit de mere platter.
Book a table for ten or more in a private room and get free flow wine all night long!
Call us for further info, directions, advice and for your general well being.

The Seafood Bar Co., Ltd.
41/2 Somerset Lake Point, Soi Sukhumvit 16, Sukhumvit Rd.,
Klongtoey, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110 Thailand
Tel: (+66) 2 663 8863

The Oyster Bar
395 Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Soi 24, Thailand
Tel. +66 2 212 4809 ‎