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The Writers Room Bar, Hollywood – Los Angeles

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
image credit: The Writers Room

The Writers Room Bar
Located in the alleyway/parking lot in the rear of Musso & Frank Restaurant, 6685 Hollywood Blvd.
Tel. 323-491-4148
Opening Hours: Thursday-Saturday, 9pm-2am

The Writers Room bar and lounge was at one time frequented by various well-known writers who threw them back in what was at that time the “back room” of Musso & Frank, today they are in no way affiliated with M&F. This small bar has no cover, but it could be difficult to enter if they don’t know you or do not like the cut of your jib, as it is subject to guest lists and private events.  Dress to impress and name dropping might help! The bar has been put together by Nur Khan, who owns a few similar venues in NYC, along with involvement from actors Jason Segel and Jack Huston (John’s grandson) providing assistance with PR. It also boasts an antique 1920s Parisian-style elevator turned into a curtained-off, private booth.


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Crocodile Kingdom – Singapore

Tuesday, October 18th, 2011

Crocodile Kingdom

Old Airport Road
Block 51 Market & Food Centre #01-134,
51 Old Airport Road, Singapore 390051
Tel. 8510 1288

The chef at the former Crocodile Valley has taken over and renamed the operation Crocodile Kingdom. Crocodile is a delicious meat on its own and it is very difficult to ruin it, trust me, as I have eaten it in many places in the world. At Crocodile Kingdom they believe that some of their preparations bring about health benefits, try the Crocodile Bak Kut Teh. Please find below a list of their culinary offerings:

•    Herbal Crocodile Tail
•    Stewed Crocodile Tail
•    Crocodile Palm
•    Herbal Crocodile Fin
•    Stewed Crocodile Fin
•    Crocodile Skin
•    Superior Crocodile Tonic
•    Crocodile Liver
•    Herbal Crocodile Soup
•    Spring Onion Ginger Crocodile Meat
•    Chinese Red Wine Sauce Crocodile
•    Spicy Diced Crocodile Meat
•    Tom Yum Crocodile Soup
•    Curry Crocodile Meat
•    Crocodile Bak Kut Teh
•    Black Pepper Crocodile Meat
•    Honey Crocodile Ribs
•    Sambal Kang Kong Crocodile Meat
•    Bitter Ground Crocodile Meat
•    Century Egg Crocodile Porridge
•    Crocodile Ribs Noodles
•    Curry Crocodile Meat Noodles
•    Crocodile Meat Bee Hoon
•    Salted Egg Crocodile Porridge