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Japanese Should Take Advantage And Eat the Bounty of Wild Game Killed as Pests – Japan

Monday, October 10th, 2011

OPENharvest:  An Art project in Oakland, CA by OPENrestaurant (see

An amazingly large number, more than 450,000 wild deer and boar are killed as pests each 
year in Japan for the damage they cause to rice field and other crops. But even harder to believe, is that only 10%
 of this wild game is eaten. With the performance of Nippon Gibier, chefs from
 OPEN Harvest and chef Fujiki will spit roast several whole wild boar over charcoal. A demonstration of the butchering of a whole deer will be accompanied by a video of 
the deconstruction of a whole maguro (tuna) drawing a comparison between two wild foods. They also hope to play a video of the hunt and capture of the very same wild deer and boar on a large screen.

French Schools Ban Ketchup – France

Monday, October 10th, 2011

The French government has stated that as of this week, ketchup will be banned from school cafeterias to promote healthy eating and to teach a respect for French culinary tradition.
We have to be able to limit children serving those type of sauces to themselves to mask the flavor of whatever they are eating. Children must become familiar with French recipes so that they may hand them down to the next generation. They must realize that in France food has a meaning beyond just “filling up the tank”, it represents sharing a good time and conviviality, at the table.

Once a week ketchup will be allowed to be served, as an accompaniment to an order of French fries, but only once a week mind you, and that goes for the French fries as well!

Editor’s note: I read this post to my daughter, who is an eight-year-old now, and she mainly took offense to it, as she is a staunch ketchup supporter along with most of her classmates. To take the edge off of it, I promised that we would make a homemade ketchup this weekend to compare the difference, and she thought that would be great fun.