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Short Order at the Farmers Market, Umami Burger at Grove – Los Angeles

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

Short Order Short Order construction site pictured above at Farmers Market

image credit: pop sugar city

UPDATE: Sadly, Amy Pressman passed away just before Short Order & Short Cake were about to open in Los Angeles.

According to Amy Pressman, she is not concerned about Umami Burger opening a large space next door at the Grove.

Umami burger Grove

Her new venue Short Order is about to open along with partner Nancy Silverton, it is completely different, a seasonal gourmet burger concept and she has said, “If he (Adam Fleischman) wants to be the new Fuddruckers, the new Johnny Rockets.” Short Order is going be a completely different experience and not to be replicated anywhere else. This gets interesting, as The Los Angeles Times quoted Fleischman as saying these two chains were examples of what he is trying to avoid, “I was focused on doing something new and exciting.”
Short Order will be “the reinvention of classic burgers utilizing all types of proteins: beef, pork, lamb, fish and tofu topped with homemade condiments like flavored aïolis, mustards, ketchups, pickles, relishes and spreads, served along side dishes, classic appetizers, salads, desserts baked on the premises, and custard-based milkshakes utilizing local ingredients…as well as artisanal beers and California wines.”

Short Order will also offer an adjacent bakery, which Pressman is naming Short Cake. The bakery will have a huge coffee component (“single origin, like Intelligentsia,” says Pressman) and will provide Short Order with custard milkshakes and other sweets.

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