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Gael Greene Blasts Trader Joe’s – New York

Sunday, December 5th, 2010

Trader Joe's

According to Gael Greene, and after a visit to a branch in her neighborhood, the former food critic for NY Magazine had this to say, “Trader Joe’s was a shock to me. It’s clean. It’s roomy. It doesn’t feel crowded… You can’t smell anything cooking or get a big whiff of coffee beans in the grinder. Germans from California? What do they know about New York? The store is so generic it doesn’t have babka or black and white cookies.” This quote from “the insatiable” drew some nasty fire from certain readers on other blogs that in my opinion were unwarranted. Everyone has a right to voice their opinion without having to deflect snide, cutthroat remarks from people with obviously . . . little to no upbringing.

Following is a link to an interesting read on the secret world of Trader Joe’s: