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Mo-Chica Revisited – Los Angeles

Monday, April 5th, 2010

By Sandy Driscoll

Aguadito SoupAGUADITO SOUP   Quinoa, Chicken Broth, Mixed Vegetable.  Tiny brunoise of carrot provided just the right crunch (image ©2010 & Sandy Driscoll)

Last evening’s monthly Tasting Menu at Mo-Chica was even better than the one in February! See prior post on Mo-Chica This tiny unpretentious dining spot inside a mercado south of downtown Los Angeles continues to astound me with their splendid food, excellent and beautifully timed friendly service, and unique preparations which make me wonder where Peruvian food has been all my life?

Each course was bursting with sharp flavors, and had four to five major ingredients, each perfectly enhancing the others.  The chef is careful to weave contrasting textures in each dish.  Here are photos of last night’s offerings.   Included was some live Peruvian music and dancers.   All of this for a mere $35!

CausaCAUSA Yellowtail Tartar, Wasabi, Tobiko Aji Amarillo Aioli  (Perfectly spiced!) (image©2010 & Sandy Driscoll)

Lobster-CervecheLOBSTER CEVICHE  Seared Lobster, Wild Sea Bass, Cucumber, Mango Ceviche Sauce. Those lovely tiny purple flowers are “Bull’s Blood”, from an heirloom beet of the same name (image©2010 & Sandy Driscoll). Link to Bull’s Blood below:’s+blood+(heirloom)+-+1+pkt+(300+seeds).do

Trout-EscabecheTROUT ESCABECHE   Roasted Trout, Potato Leeks Pie, Escabeche Sauce (image ©2010 & Sandy Driscoll)

Tacu-TacuTACU-TACU   Grilled Flat Iron Steak, Chick Peas Tacu-Tacu, Yellow Pear Tomato Sauce. Served in what appears to be a wooden bowl, which is a perfect vessel for heat retention. (image©2010 & Sandy Driscoll)

DessertCRUMBLE PIE  Rhubarb and Quinoa Crumble Cinnamon Pie, Vanilla Ice Cream
Notice the charming lip motif on the napkin . . . their signature using two chili peppers (image©2010 & Sandy Driscoll)