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Lung King Heen, Cantonese Restaurant – Hong Kong

Sunday, February 7th, 2010
Lung King Heen, Hong Kong (image credit: Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong) Contributed by: Carole Chung
8 Finance Street, Central (in the Four Seasons Hotel)
Tel. 852-3196-8880
Credit Cards: Yes
Prices: Moderate-Expensive

Lung King Heen exudes elegance and uses mature cooking techniques to present to diners the finest Cantonese cuisine obtainable, the menu has specialties that lean toward seafood and dim sum using mainly local ingredients, and it is obviously the reason it has been voted #1 Best Food in Hong Kong and was bestowed three stars by the Michelin Guide. If this isn’t sufficient, while dining you have a magnificent view of Victoria Harbour. Enough said!

The menu follows:


Double-Boiled Superior Bird’s Nest with American Ginseng and Yunnan Ham
Braised Superior Bird’s Nest Stuffed in Bamboo Piths
Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Shredded Fish Maw
Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Crab Meat
Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Shredded Abalone and Conpoy
Double-Boiled Superior Bird’s Nest
Bird’s Nest Broth with Shredded Chicken and Yunnan Ham
Braised Superior Bird’s Nest with Minced Chicken

Braised Whole Yoshihama Abalone in Supreme Oyster Sauce
Braised Whole South African Fresh Abalone in Supreme Oyster Sauce
Braised Sliced Abalone with Fish Maw
Braised Sliced Abalone with Goose Web
Braised Fish Maw with Goose Web
Braised Fish Maw in Supreme Chicken Broth
Braised Sea Cucumber with Minced Pork in Abalone Sauce
Wok-Fried Sea Cucumber with Spring Onions
Braised Goose Web and Chinese Mushroom Casserole
Braised Superior Fish Maw in Abalone Sauce

Live Seafood Selection – Shrimp, Lobster, Sea Whelk, Cream Crab, Meat Crab, Pacific Grouper, Pink Grouper, Star Grouper, Tiger Grouper
Baked Stuffed Sea Whelk with Diced Abalone, Sea Whelk and Minced Pork
Steamed Lobster and Egg Whites in Hua Diao Wine
Fried Lobster in Soy Sauce
Simmered Lobster in Supreme Broth
Sichuan-Style Braised Prawns with String Beans
Baked Stuffed Crab Shell with Onions and Fresh Crab Meat
Crispy Crab Claw with Shrimp Paste
Wok-Fried Prawns with Dried Chili and Shallots
Scrambled Eggs with Caviar and Crab Meat
Crispy Scallops with Fresh Pear
Chilean Sea Bass Fillet with Ginger and Spring Onions
Wok-Seared Fillet of Star Grouper in Soy Sauce
Crispy and Spiced Salt Star Garoupa Brisket with Sweet and Sour Sauce
Sautéed Star Grouper Fillet with Seasonal Vegetables
Steamed Scallops and Tofu with Crab Roe
Crispy Star Garoupa Fillet Rolls with Milk Custard
Steamed Garoupa Fillet with Yunnan Ham and Chinese Mushrooms
Sautéed Scallops in X.O. Chili Sauce
Steamed Prawns with Garlic and Vermicelli

Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Fresh Whole Abalone
Braised Superior Shark’s Fin and Lobster Served with Supreme Broth
Braised Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup
Double-Boiled Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup with Chicken and Bamboo Piths
Double-Boiled Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup with Yunnan Ham and Brassica
Braised Supreme Shark’s Fin Soup with Bird’s Nest
Superior Chicken Soup with Hoi Fu Shark’s Fin and Fish Maw
Braised Hoi Fu Shark’s Fin Stuffed in Bamboo Piths
Braised Hoi Fu Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Cream and Gold Leaf
Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Crab Meat
Braised Shark’s Fin Soup with Fish Maw and Shredded Chicken
Hot and Sour Shark’s Fin Soup with Assorted Seafood

Barbecued Suckling Pig
Roasted Goose with Plum Sauce
Barbecued Pork with Honey
Roasted Chicken Liver with Honey
Poached Chicken Served with Diced Abalone and Conpoy
Marinated Fragrant Chicken in Soy Sauce
Roasted Chicken Liver with Honey
Crispy Eel with Honey and Osmanthus
Crispy Roasted Pigeon
Marinated Sliced Squid with Cucumber in Fish Sauce
Marinated Sliced Abalone and Red Jellyfish with Asparagus
Marinated Ginger with Preserved Egg
Marinated Gluten in Plum Sauce
Marinated Pork Knuckle in Soy Sauce
Diced Beef Shin with Red Jellyfish
Mixed Hot Peppers with Black Bean and Chili Soya Sauce
Sliced Roasted Pork Neck with Garlic

Steamed Goose Liver in Abalone Sauce with Goose Web, Fish Maw or Fresh South African Abalone
Crispy Frogs’ Legs with Spicy Salt
Simmered King Prawn in Crystal Sauce
Braised Air-Dried Seafood Casserole with Shark’s Fin Marrow
Simmered Abalone Rolls with Dried Seafood, Minced Pork, Conpoy, Mushroom and Caviar
Pan-Seared Scallops stuffed with Shrimp Paste
Wok-Fried Wagyu Beef Cubes with Morel Mushrooms
Braised Seasonal Vegetables with Bird’s Nest and Scallops
Scrambled Eggs with Hoi Fu Shark’s Fin and Crab Meat
Crispy Tofu with Shrimp Paste and Chinese Sausage
Braised Frogs’ Legs with Shrimp Roe and Gluten
Wok-Fried Frogs’ Legs with Eggplant, Onion and Black Pepper

Wok-Fried Diced Beef Tenderloin with Garlic, Spring Onions and Black Pepper
Wok-Fried Japanese Pork in X.O. Chili Sauce
Traditional Stewed Beef Brisket Casserole
Braised Seasonal Bitter Squash stuffed with Minced Pork in Black Bean Sauce
Wok-Fried Lamb Shin with Chili, Spices and Scallions
Sichuan Style Sautéed Beef Tenderloin Strips with Vegetables
Crispy Pork Ribs in Sweet Wasabi Sauce
Crispy Japanese Pork in Marinated Red Bean Curd Crust with Pancakes
Stir-Fried Minced Beef and Vegetables with Lettuce Wrap
Dong Po-Style Braised Pork Belly
Japanese Pork with Yam Vermicelli in Supreme Broth
Braised Pork Ribs in Wuxi Sauce
Sichuan-Style Braised Lamb Chops

Roasted Peking Duck (for Dinner Only)
Fortune Chicken (24-Hour Advance Notice Required)
Crispy Chicken Served Peking-Duck Style
Lung King Heen Roasted Chicken
Poached Chicken Fillet with Yunnan Ham and Vegetables in Abalone Sauce
Sauteéd Roasted Goose Strips with Bitter Melon and Young Ginger
Crispy Chicken Fillets with Sesame in Lemon Sauce
Baked Chicken with Seasame, Ginger and Spring Onion
Stir-Fried Minced Pigeon with Lettuce Wraps
Pipa-Style Barbecued Duck with Garlic
Wok-Fried Pigeon Fillet with Black Beans and Onions
Braised Duck with Preserved Plums

Wok-Fried Spring Beans with Preserved Vegetables
Sautéed Zucchini with Assorted Mushrooms
Sautéed Gluten with Green Peppers and Onions in Vegetarian X.O. Chili Sauce
Poached Baby Cabbage with Qi Zi Herb in Soup
Fried Multi-Grain Rice with Gluten and Vegetables in Vegetarian Oyster Sauce
Fried Five Grain Noodles with Assorted Vegetables
Sautéed Vegetables, Mushrooms and Fungus in Pumpkin
Crispy Avocado Rolls with Mushrooms
Steamed Beancurd and Gluten in Black Bean Sauce
Stir-Fried Shredded Vegetables with Bean Sprouts
Stir-Fried Minced Vegetables and Pine Nuts with Lettuce Wraps
Crispy Beancurd Sheet Rolls with Vegetables
Sautéed Diced Vegetables with Cashew Nuts in Chili Sauce
Braised Fresh Beancurd Sheet with Bird’s Nest and Enoki Mushrooms
Braised Seasonal Vegetables with Maitake Mushrooms
Crispy Taro Dumplings with Vegetables and Herb Mayonnaise

Shark’s Fin Soup with Beancurd and Crab Meat
Double-Boiled Sea Cucumber with Yunnan Ham and Chinese Mushrooms
Braised Seafood Soup with Crab Cream and Bamboo Piths
Hot and Sour Soup with Fillet of Grouper
Double-Boiled Shark’s Fin Marrow with Brassica
Braised Assorted Fungus in Soup
Braised Tofu Soup with Diced Roasted Goose
Minced Beef Soup with Egg Whites
Braised Fresh Crab Meat and Vegetables in Soup
Double-Boiled Chinese Mushrooms with Bamboo Piths and Brassica
Double-Boiled Fillet of Grouper with Yellow Fungus
Vegetable Soup with Bamboo Piths

Steamed Fried Rice with Diced Abalone Wrapped in Lotus Leaf
Sliced Abalone with Noodles in Soup
Braised Egg Noodles with Shredded Fish Maw, Spring Onions and Abalone Sauce
Braised E-Fu Noodles with Fresh Crab Meat
Shrimp Wontons with Noodles in Soup
Home-Style Fried Noodles with Shredded Roasted Goose and Chicken
Fried Rice with Roasted Goose, Barbecued Pork, Shrimp, Taro and Preserved Vegetables
Fried Rice Vermicelli with Crab Meat and Scrambled Eggs
Fried Rice with Lobster and Seafood
Fried Rice Noodles with Sliced Beef in X.O. Chili Sauce
Hot and Sour Shredded Pork with Golden Noodles
Braised E-Fu Noodles with Conpoy and Enoki Mushrooms
Fried Rice with Conpoy and Smoked Salmon
Fried Rice Rolls in X.O. Chili Sauce
Fried Rice with Mushrooms, Egg Whites and Vegetables

Double-Boiled Superior Bird’s Nest, served with Almond Cream, Coconut Cream and Crystal Sugar
Double-Boiled Egg White Milk Custard with Bird’s Nest
Chilled Double-Boiled Hashma with Red Dates
Chilled Tofu Custard with Fresh Fruits
Chilled Mango and Sago Cream with Pomelo
Sweetened Almond Cream with Egg Whites
Sweetened Wheat Grain Cream with Taro
Chilled Sweetened Red Bean Cream with Lotus Seeds
Baked Milk Custard Tarlets
Baked Custard Puffs
Steamed Custard Buns with Salty Egg Yolk
Deep-Fried Glutinous Rice Sesame Dumplings flavoured with Green Tea
Chilled Coconut Pudding with Hashma and Longan
Lung King Heen Dessert Sampler
Seasonal Fruit Platter

Valentines Dinner, Beccofino Thonglor – Bangkok

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Valentine Dinner at Beccofino, Sat February 13th, Sunday February14th

Marugo Wine Bar, Shinjuku – Tokyo

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Marugo Wine Bar, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Marugo Wine Bar, Shinjuku, Tokyo

東京都新宿区新宿3-7-5, Tokyo
Shinjuku 3-7-5. Open 5pm-2am daily.
Phone: 03-3350-4605
Opening Hours:  5pm-2am daily.
Prices: Moderate

It is a very small space so be prepared to squeeze-in and if you choose to do so you can enjoy meeting new acquaintances in a very short period of time. Tapas-style small plates of olives, various canapes, and cheeses are ¥500; duck liver pate is ¥700. There are pasta dishes and pizza and additional main course items available as well. Most of the wines are French selections with a great percentage of them being organic. Of course, the menu is in Japanese, although a few of the staff, when coaxed, speak a little English. They have opened another branch Marugo 2, offering Italian cooking and a wine list weighted more to Italian regional wines as well as French. Tel. 3356-1052.

The China House, Chinese New Year 2010 – Bangkok

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Chinese New Year (image credit: Mandarin Oriental Hotel)

Saison – San Francisco

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Saison Restaurant, San Francisco (image credit: Mission
2124 Folsom Street
(between 17th St & 18th St)
San Francisco, CA 94110
Tel. 415.828.7990
Fri. 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Sat-Sun. 5:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Attire: Casual
Credit Cards: Yes
Parking: Street
Prices: Expensive

Reservations: For Reservations, please call: 415.828.7990 or online at:
reservations are taken by phone tuesday through sunday 11am-5pm, one month to the calendar date.

Saison, hidden behind the Stable Cafe, is dubbed these days as a “Pop-Up” operation, it is a new type of emerging restaurant, an establishment that began operation by restricting opening to only one night a week, on Sunday nights.  Since then, it has expanded the schedule to include weekend nights Friday, Saturday & Sunday. In Saison’s case, the space has a dual use as chef Joshua Skenes contracts the use of the kitchen during weekdays to make gourmet sandwiches to be sold on a food cart. This entire situation was brought about and evolved into what it is, because of the challenging times facing restaurant ownership today. Joshua Skenes and his friend Mark Bright, a wine consultant, conceived this idea to make the best use of the space. Kris Esqueda handles the dining room and seating. To obtain a reservation you must make it online through Open Table, one seating on Friday and two seatings on Saturday and Sunday or by telephone at the number listed above.

Skenes held a position in the kitchen of famed Chef, Jean-George Vongerichtten. He was spotted by Michael Mina and he asked Skenes to help open Stonehill Tavern at the St. Regis Resort in Monarch Beach at Dana Point. Skenes accepted a position as the Executive Chef at Stonehill Tavern. Mark Bright also assisted in the wine programs at many of Mina’s restaurants including Arcadia in San Jose, Sea Blue and Nob Hill at MGM Grand Las Vegas, and Stonehill Tavern at the St. Regis Monarch Bay.

Quince – San Francisco

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

470 Pacific Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133
Tel. 415-775-8500
Credit Cards: Yes
Prices: Expensive

Michael & Lindsay Tusk’s restaurant Quince is settling into its new digs, an airy and modern room that was the former space of Myth on Pacific Ave. If any improvement has been made to Quince’s already exemplary cooking, in all likelihood, it was due to adding more kitchen space.
David Lynch, a former wine director of Babbo, opened by Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich, is also a member of the Quince team and manages the beverage end of the operation.
Two of the cooking highlights sampled were; a tagliatelle and crab, laden with succulent, fresh Dungeness crab meat, and a moist and juicy pigeon was roasted to perfection.

During his career Michael was a chef at Chez Panisse and Oliveto and Lindsay worked the front at Oliveto and Boulevard.