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Drake Hotel – New York

Saturday, January 9th, 2010

Drake Hotel, Park & 56th St., NYCThe Drake Hotel – Another Landmark Gone – brought down this time not by bankruptcy but by the greed of a developer called Harry Macklowe

The Drake Hotel was the last symbol of the elegant buildings that lined Park Avenue in the mid-town fifties, they have all been replaced by featureless glass boxes with no style. I am particularly disheartened as I lived across the street from the fifty-sixth street entrance at one time.

This was a lovely old building and a hotel that was run well, and for the city building department to allow Macklowe Properties to demolish it without hesitation, and even before the proposed project was a reality, is appalling. The property now still sits vacant after a couple of years, and is a weed infested eyesore while “the deal” is no further along than it was before, except that Macklowe is deeper in debt and less able to put things together, although he tyrannically hangs on.