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Cafe Talésai – Beverly Hills, California

Sunday, June 8th, 2008

Thai restaurants - Beverly Hills9198 Olympic Boulevard
Beverly Hills 90212
310 271 9345
Credit Cards: All Major
Prices: Inexpensive – Moderate

Located in a small shopping strip on Olympic Blvd. just west of Doheny Dr., the diminutive Cafe Talėsai is one of my favorite Thai restaurants on the Westside. The cooking is authentic and consistently good. Thai restaurants - CaliforniaI have known the owners, the Yenbamroong’s for years, since I first reviewed their wonderful restaurant Talésai on the Sunset Strip near Doheny, many years ago, long before they opened this more informal and casual branch called Café Talésai.

A few of the more interesting dishes follow and the star indicates that the dish is spicy:

Thai Latkes
Deep fried shredded taro. Served with tamarind sauce

  • Chieng Mai Wrapped Chicken
    Spicy minced chicken, chili, lime, and fresh mint.
    Served with romaine lettuce.
    Talesai corn fritters
    with cucumber sauce.
  • Larb Lanna
    Chicken or pork with
    roasted dried chili.
    Authentic Northern Style.
  • Isan Classic
    Combination of BBQ chicken or
    grilled garlic pork, papaya salad
    and sticky rice.
  • Jungle Curry
    Up country style red curry with
    eggplant, green beans, bamboo shoots,
    with or without coconut milk.

    Pad Thai
    Thai noodles pan-fried with
    chicken, tofu, peanuts, egg,
    been sprouts, and scallions.

    Talesai corn fritters
    with cucumber sauce.Corn Fritters

  • Red Devil Noodles
    Spicy rice noodles pan-fried
    with chicken, chili, and
    fresh basil.

    Spicy Rice Noodles Pan-fried
    with chicken, chili, and
    fresh basils.

  • Papaya Salad
    Shredded green papaya, tomato, green beans
    & cashew nuts in a chili lime garlic dressing.
  • Glass Noodles Salad
    Warm glass noodles with
    snow peas, mushrooms, carrot
    cilantro & spicy lime dressing.